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Bucks County Solicitor's Office

The Bucks County Solicitor’s Office represents the commissioners and all divisions and departments serving under the direction of the commissioners, and is responsible for general counsel for the County of Bucks. Among other duties, the solicitor’s office defends all lawsuits against, and initiates all lawsuits brought by the county.

Solicitors prepare, review and/or supervise all contractual obligations within the county, usually over $250 million of the total budget, including such things as general contracts, financing and bond transactions. Solicitors handle state and federal compliance issues relating to the county, human resource/employee issues, real estate transactions from agreement through settlement, and ADA observance. They also advise on the open space and agriculture preservation programs by evaluating properties, determining the scope and extent of easements, and reviewing appraisals.

Solicitors act as representatives to new county initiatives, such as the newly created Open Records Office, and the new county judicial center. They also interact with 40+ boards and authorities created by the commissioners and serve as counsel to the Prison Oversight Board.

The office also coordinates and supervises all outside counsel and the activities of individual department solicitors. The solicitor’s office is made up of six attorneys, the open records officer and two legal assistants.

The following is a sample list of solicitor functions:

Bucks County Solicitor's Office
Joseph Khan, Solicitor
Bucks County Administration Building
55 E. Court St. Fifth Floor
Doylestown, PA 18901
Telephone: (215) 348-6464