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Sheriff's Costs for Civil Process

The Bucks County Sheriff’s Office is currently not processing any new civil cases to be served in accordance with the Emergency Order signed by the President Judge. This emergency order is in effect until May 15, 2020 but may be extended.  All cases received are being returned with original form of payment at this time.

Printable Civil Process Fee Schedule (2020)

Civil Service Rates: Filed and Served in Bucks County, and Out of County/State Papers

New Fee: $30.00 PER CASE for Sheriff’s Computer Fund.  Along with regular fees as follows: (If you are paying a deposit for Personal Property & Real Estate this fee will be taken out of your deposit)

1 Defendant:  $58.00 2 Defendants: $79.00
3 Defendants:$100.00 4 Defendants: $121.00
5 Defendants: $142.00 6 Defendants: $163.00
7 Defendants: $184.00 8 Defendants: $205.00
Over 8 Defendants--

Add $21.00 for Each

$10.00 Additional Fee to Notarize Affidavit of Service (Out of County or if your State or County requires it)
Interrogatories: Without Civil Action $58.00
Additional $21.00 if with Writ of Summons or Complaint 
RULE 2958.1 is a Civil Action, does not need Prothy stamp, no time Limit and no time on petitions.


Filed anywhere other than Bucks County & service is in Bucks County: same fee schedule as above.

Additional requirements for this type service:

One copy of civil paperwork for each defendant, Order of Service – filled out entirely.
Self-addressed stamped envelope and Check must be payable to the Bucks County Sheriff’s Office.
No personal checks will be accepted.

Writs of Seizure:

Required One (1) Original Writ and One (1) Copy for each Defendant:
Deposit of $130.00

Need Detailed description, contact name, phone number, and email, name and phone of towing company and locksmith if there is a break and enter order.

Personal Property Filings:

215-348-6129 or 215-348-6135 -- Please call to verify needed documents.

Execution of Writs: Call for Costs
Writ of Possession: $155.00
Claims for Exemption: $12.00
Property Claims: $30.00
Sheriff's Commission 2% 1st $100,000.00
1/2 of 1% on balance.

Real Estate (Sheriff's Sale)


Deposit of $2,000.00


Civil Action Filed in Bucks County but Deputized to Another Pennsylvania Sheriff's Office


1 Defendant: $48.00 2 Defendants: $66.00
3 Defendants: $84.00 4 Defendants: $102.00
5 Defendants: $120.00 6 Defendants: $138.00
Each Additional Def: $18.00

** Also a Check for the Deputized County to be Attached

Civil Action received from another Sheriff's Office in Pennsylvania or received from out of state will be charged at the filed and served in Bucks County Rate. The only exception is any action filed in the City of Philadelphia may be sent directly to the Bucks County Sheriff's Office with the proper filings and fee.

Sheriff's Office
Milton "Milt" Warrell, Sheriff
Perry Ferrara, Chief Deputy
John F. Cordisco, Solicitor
Bucks County Justice Center
100 North Main Street
Floor B2
Doylestown, PA 18901
Ph: 215-348-6124