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Bucks County Capital Projects

Bucks County Fire School Burn Building

Underscoring their commitment to provide Bucks County firefighters with the most comprehensive training tools available, Bucks County Commissioners Charles H. Martin, Chairman, James F. Cawley, Esq. and Sandra A. Miller took part in a demolition ceremony June 27th, symbolizing the move toward a new burn building. The facility is located near the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center in Doylestown Township.

In its place will rise a Class A, wood-incinerating burn building (the former building was a Class B, or gas, facility) that will feature advances in training such as rapid intervention, firefighter survival, and ventilation.

The year long project was competeled the end of June 2008

Construction Photos:

First Fire July 16, 2008

Ribbon Cutting July 1, 2008

As of 05/01/08

As of 04/23/08

As of 4/14/08

As of 2/12/08

As of 12/26/07

As of 11/30/07