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Tax Claim Bureau

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Tax Claim Bureau: Rules for Judicial and Upset Sale

Printable Rules

NOTE: All Bidders or assignees must certify in writing that they are not delinquent in Real Estate Taxes on any property which the bidder or assignee owns. Forms for this certification will be available at the sale.

Auction Bid:

  1. All Group Bidders (those intending to bid on more than one property) must register with the Tax Claim Bureau before the sale, giving proper identification to obtain bid number.
  2. At the Judicial Sale, the bidding will begin at $1.00 over the Bureau costs, and at the Upset Sale, the bidding will begin at the Upset price to be announced for the respective properties.
  3. All successful bidders must pay the entire bid price at the conclusion of the Upset or Judicial Sale. Any property not paid for when indicated will be immediately exposed for resale after all other payments have been received.
  4. All bids must be at least $100.00 greater than prior bid accepted.

Once the Hammer Falls: 

  1. No additional bids will be accepted, and the sale is final.
  2. There is NO REDEMPTION in Bucks County; however, the owner can file exceptions to the sale. If the sale is overturned, the bid will be returned. The appeal period is thirty days.

WHENEVER any procedure of the Tax Claim Bureau is inconsistent with the Act, the Act will control.

PAYMENTS of cash, money orders or check (with proper identification) will be accepted in payment of bid purchase.

PLEASE NOTE that any property purchased at the UPSET SALE, the buyer will be responsible for any mortgage or lien on the property. No liens will be divested.

  1.  To determine if a mortgage is filed on the property, check the Recorder of Deeds. Any other liens may be found by checking in the Prothonotary’s Office.

FOR UPSET AND JUDICIAL PURCHASED, you will be responsible for the 2% transfer tax, and recording fee, payable at the time of sale and payment of purchase price.

  1. a.2% Transfer tax is now based on MARKET VALUE ---not bid price, which has been the case in the past.
  2. The recorded deed will be forwarded as soon as returned by the Recorder of Deeds.

 *****All properties sold at any Bucks County Tax Sale are sold “AS IS.” The County makes no guarantee of the condition of the property or its title. Potential buyers are forewarned to do diligent research on each property before making a bid to purchase.


Tax Claim Bureau 
Kristian Ballerini, Director
Barbara L. DiNoia
55 East Court Street 
Fifth Floor, Administration Building 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Phone: 215-348-6274
New Hours: Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Effective Immediately, the Tax Claim Bureau will not accept cash until further notice.