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Finance and Administration

David P. Boscola, Director
In October 2008, the Finance Division merged with Information Technology to form the Finance and Administration Division. On August 3, 2010, David P. Boscola became the director for this division which encompasses the Finance Department, Board of Assessment, Purchasing, Tax Claim and Information Technology.

2020 Preliminary Budget

2019 Final Budget

2019 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Hearing (Audio) - 11/28/18 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

2018 Final Budget

2018 Final Budget Summary

2018 Final Budget Detail

2018 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Hearing (Audio) - 11/29/17

Budget Presentation

2017 Final Budget Summary

2017 Final Budget Detail 

2017 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Hearing Presentation

Public Budget Hearing (Audio), November 22, 2016

2016 Final Budget

Complete 2016 Final Budget Summary

Complete 2016 Final Budget Detail

2016 Preliminary Budget

Public Budget Hearing Presentation

Public Budget Hearing (Audio) December 2, 2015

2015 Final Budget
Complete 2015 Final Budget Summary 
Complete 2015 Final Budget Detailed
2015 Preliminary Budget Preliminary Budget Release Meeting Audio 11-26-14 
2015 Public Budget Meeting Presentation  2015 Public Budget Meeting Presentation Audio 12-02-14 
Bucks County Government: Strong Fiscal Management
Finance Presentation, August 13, 2014  
Complete 2014 Final Budget Summary   Compete 2014 Final Budget Detailed  
2014 Final Budget   2014 Preliminary Budget  
2014 Public Budget Meeting Presentation  

Links to budgets from 2006-2013 can be found on the Finance Department page.