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The County recognizes how significant this project will be for all of our system users, and that our user community has questions about how this project will be implemented, what the changes will be, and how it will affect budgets, personnel and equipment.  The County project team has committed to keep our system users informed about the questions that may arise.  On a monthly basis, the project team will provide answers to questions received with the most current information available to us.  Please check back monthly for new information! 

 2011-2014 Radio Project Update Archives

September Updates
Project Status Report: September 23, 2015
Project Status Report: September 11, 2015 

* Clearing Tones: For more information, read the Latest Project Status Report above. To Listen, click on the tone below. (^ Denotes new tone)

Local Box and Tactical Box (twice)
Box Assignment Fire Police^
EMS Tone^
Evacuation Tone^ Recall

Motorola Radio Training Presentations
APX7000XE Model 3.5 End-User Toolkit
APX6000XE End-User Toolkit
APX6500 05 End-User Toolkit 

June Updates
Project Status Report: June 19, 2015 

Bucks County Portable Radio Coverage Prediction Maps
Portable In-Bound: On Street
Portable Out-Bound: On Street
Portable In-Bound: In Building
Portable Out-Bound: In Building 

Motorola Battery Information
Motorola Support - Battery Use and Care 
General Battery Storage Guidelines  
Motorola Battery Warranty Statement 
Motorola Battery Date Codes 

April Updates
Project Status Report : April 6, 2015 

February Updates
Project Status Report: February 13, 2015

Department of Emergency Communications 
Audrey R. Kenny

Director / 911 Coordinator
Bucks County Department of Emergency Communications / 911 Center 
Bucks County Emergency Services Complex
911 Freedom Way
Ivyland, PA 18974
Phone: 215-340-8770 
Fax: 267-885-1323