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Domestic Relations

Domestic Relations - Director's Message - Family Violence - Available Services - Support Conferences - Paying Support - Receiving Support - Enforcement Action - Court Hearings - Bench Warrants - Contact Information - Frequently Asked Questions - Support Payment Options - Frequently Used Documentswww.childsupport.state.pa.us

Effective June 1, 2020, all Domestic Relations establishment conferences and hearings are conducted by telephone.  Parties will receive notice in the mail of all scheduled events.

BCDRS directs clients to contact the Client Service Unit at 215-340-8068, or email their inquiries to CSBucks@PACSES.com, to have their support questions addressed.  Clients are also encouraged to utilize the Child Support website and Bucks County Domestic Relations website to answer frequently asked questions. 

BCDRS places Frequently Used Documents on this website for clients to use.  The forms include Defendant Payment Options, Direct Deposit Enrollment Form, Payment Instructions, Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Information Sheet, and Unreimbursed Medical Expenses Summary Form. 

If you wish to apply for support services, go to www.childsupport.state.pa.us.

Paying Support

How to meet your support responsibility.

State Law requires wage attachment on all support cases.

You are responsible to make payments directly to PA SCDU until your wage attachment takes effect.

You are responsible to make additional payments to PA SCDU if your wage attachment doesn’t cover the full monthly support order amount.

PA SCDU will send one payment coupon each month to parents ordered to pay child support and who do not have income withholding. You must write on the coupon the amount of money you are paying. Make your personal check, cashier’s check or money order payable to PA SCDU. Include a coupon with every payment to PA SCDU.  However, if you do not have a payment coupon, write your PACSES member number, which is found on your court order, or Social Security Number (SSN) on your check or money order.

If you live in Pennsylvania, send payments to:  If you live outside of Pennsylvania, send payments to: 
PO Box 69110
Harrisburg, PA 17106-9100 
PO Box 61167
Harrisburg, PA 17106-1167 




PA SCDU cannot accept checks that are considered non-negotiable by banking standards. Some examples of non-negotiable items are: checks that are stale dated, post dated, not signed; checks that are not payable to PA SCDU; the amount in numbers does not match the written amount. PA SCDU also does not accept temporary checks or starter checks.

Make payments in conjunction with a contempt proceeding in cash or with a debit card at the DRS payment window 8:00am - 4:45pm.

Refer to the Support Payment Options page for a full list of Support Payment Options. 

Be Informed

Do NOT make payments at BCDRS
Do NOT pay Plaintiff directly
Do NOT bounce a check

Domestic Relations 
100 N. Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
Karen E. Winkler, Director 
Phone:  215-340-8068 
Fax:  215-348-6633

Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Extended Hours:
Third Wednesday of the Month
5:00 to 7:00 pm

1240 Veterans Highway, #806 
Bristol,  PA 19007 
Phone: 215-781-2590